World Boutique Hotel Awards 2018

"A sleek Athens hideout that pays homage to its Psiri neighbourhood’s industrial past and creative present"

Athens is about as modern as any ultra-ancient city gets – an exhilarating mix of grungy and grandiose, it is dominated by the magnificent silhouette of the Acropolis, dotted with ancient Byzantine churches sitting alongside derelict buildings and lively local tavernas nestled up next to genteel Michelin-star restaurants. Legendary excitement-chaser Lord Byron himself described this city in 1823 as “the only place I ever was contented in” – a testament to Athens’ enduring sense of vitality and welcome.
Inspired by the material connection between past and present that buildings can provide, Micon is designed using three key elements – cement, wood and brick. Each room has been created with a sense of harmony and balance in mind, reflecting a simple and stripped-back approach reminiscent of the building’s recent industrial past. The Acropolis Loft and Deluxe Suite each provide stunning views across the city, while the Urban Suite features its very own private patio and jacuzzi.

18 Micon Str provides a daily breakfast to set guests up for the day, with a vast range of continental options to choose from. The hotel is located right in the heart of the Athens action – on the corner of the pedestrian streets Aisopou and Mikonos, and just a two minute walk from Monastiraki metro station. The local streets of Psiri are charmingly walkable, with plenty of people-watching to enjoy during the day and a wealth of bars, clubs and restaurants to sample when the sun goes down. It also borders the picture-perfect Plaka neighbourhood – Athens’ mini-village of narrow cobbled streets, flourishing flowers, and whitewashed pavement cafes is the ideal spot for an afternoon stroll to admire the Acropolis. Just when you think your trip has come to an end, the hotel offers guests the opportunity, once checked out, to utilise their decompression lounge; have a shower, enjoy a movie on the projection screen, play games, use wifi or just refill prior to leaving for the airport.